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Psycho Goreman

A few times a year, a movie gets released that there's just so much hype around and so much excitement about, that I just can't wait to see what everyone is talking about. We're only a month into 2021 and already, writer and director Steven Kostanski's new film PSYCHO GOREMAN has already been the talk of the horror community, with audiences helplessly addicted to the sci-fi horror comedy. Kostanski is responsible for another film I absolutely adored called The Void, so knowing this, Psycho Goreman has to be pretty decent, no? After finally getting a chance to sit down and get a chance to watch it, I can now fully understand just why viewers have been raving about this movie: it is one of the most fun gorefest movies I've seen in a while. Think Hatchet, but with an intergalactic alien who want to destroy the universe and enslave and kill the people of Earth. Pretty much right out of the gate, the film sends you down this funny yet twistedly evil storyline that is so fucking absurd yet so brilliant at the same time. And while the story is nothing super elaborate, it's enough to add plenty of depth to the film and keep you engaged, on top of all of the chaotic killing, terrifying aliens, and flat out mean little girl. If you like films that blend equal parts horror and comedy, Psycho Goreman may just be THE movie for you to spend your hard earned money on right now, without a doubt. PG has pretty much instantly become one of my favorite characters ever!! But before I get too ahead of myself...

Brother and sister duo Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) and Luke (Owen Myre) are in the backyard one day playing their own made-up version of dodgeball when they discover an ancient relic and a massive alien to go with it while digging a hole. As the alien begins to describe his desire to kill, Mimi uses the relic she found alongside the being to control him: anything she says, while she bears the relic, he must abide by. This obviously puts the intergalactic alien in an awful position because he has awoken from a forced-punishment from other aliens who decided he was too much of a liability. The alien wants to seek our revenge, but as long as Mimi holds the relic, he must do whatever she says. After seeing some of the crazy gore-filled action sequences with the alien, it is decided that his name will be Psycho Goreman, or PG for short! While still under her control, PG forcefully becomes like a member of the family - that is, until the council of aliens who banished PG to Earth for eternity find out he's been released. Hell on Earth is upon them as it becomes alien vs alien and family vs family to decide right from wrong, good from evil! And don't you worry... there is plenty of good ol' fashioned gore along the way! Will Psycho Goreman successfully enslave humanity and destroy the planet, or will Mimi and Luke warm his heart and convince him otherwise? Find out in... PSYCHO GOREMAN!

No matter what you think of the plot, the characters or the action, one thing is undeniable about this film: it, and the aliens in it, are cleverly (and terrifyingly) crafted and look absolutely HAUNTING. No expense was spared when it came to designing and bringing these intergalactic beings to life, and that is something that will be very apparent in the first half hour of the hour and thirty five minute runtime. You can get a tease of some of these monstrosities in promotional posters of the movie or whatever, but if at all possible, save the reveal for the actual film because they will leave you terrified, disgusted and at a loss for words all at once - I promise, it's worth it. As far as the story goes, like I mentioned before, it's nothing groundbreaking but it goes along great with the types of characters introduced in the film and honestly, with monsters as badass and kills as brutal as these, a heavy hearted plot isn't exactly what you watch this movie for (that's not to say there's zero heart in it, though!). Honestly, a movie like Psycho Goreman appeals to people who are fans of films that aren't serious and just want some over-the-top bloody fun. I think the villains are perfect for their roles in the film, and I think the two kids who play Mimi and Luke were fantastic choices, Mimi especially. She's a hardass, bratty kid who totally bullies her brother, but that's what makes her a perfect candidate for who wields the relic that controls Psycho Goreman. All in all, I think Psycho Goreman is the perfect rental for your weekend flick if you're looking for something a little different, a little weird, pretty gory and all Psycho!! Check it out!!


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