One of the best things about horror movies is the genres ability to produce awesome films using just about anything. We've seen movies about just about everything, and while they could be hit or miss, Bernhard Pucher's new film RAVERS is a total win. If you couldn't guess, the film is about an underground rave that goes horribly wrong when its ravers mutate into violent and dangerous versions of themselves. If that doesn't sound awesome to you, I don't know what would! Pucher wrote the film alongside Luke Foster and together they crafted a story that is part horror comedy, part serious horror, but fully badass. I knew after watching the trailer that this was gonna be a good one, but all it took was the first five minutes of the movie and I was already hooked. If you love horror flicks with lots of blood, awesome kills, crazy villains, and a cool gang of friends out to escape the mutant wasteland that is the rave, then Ravers is a must-rent film for this weekend! Madness lurks behind every corner in the abandoned warehouse the film takes place in, and the team behind this movie brought in some incredibly talented and totally likable actors to bring this story to life. Ravers is a total hit in my book, and I highly suggest checking it out if this sounds at all up your alley!

Becky (Georgia Hirst) is a germaphobe journalist who seems to have trouble "letting loose." One night, her friend Ozzy (Danny Kirrane) invites her out to a secret, underground rave at the Renergize energy drink plant. The isolated property was left abandoned when an accident occurred where ingredient levels in their energy drink product got messed with, and the bad batch got into the hands of employees who kinda went apeshit and an insane murder occured. The bad batch of energy drinks severely elevate any drugs in your system, and I'm sure you can guess where this is going. Becky and Ozzy head to the rave and are having a good time surrounded by ravers who have been using all night, when someone stumbles upon the cursed batch of Renergize drinks. The bottles make their way around the party, and before long, everybody who consumed any drugs are severely high, which causes a lot of them to become dangerous, violent, and even deadly. Ravers follows Becky and Ozzy, along with some friends they make along the way, as they try to make their way through the mutant-filled rave and find an exit from the madness. Will they escape the craziest party of their life, or will they become victims to crazy cokeheads desperate for their next bump?! Find out in... RAVERS!

So there is a lot to like about this movie, and honestly very little not to like; the story is fantastic, the music (while not my taste) is pretty sick, there's plenty of blood, there's plenty of mutated, drugged out ravers, there's a plethora of drugs, and Becky - while high strung - is actually a total sweetheart. Sure, she's got some traits people may find a little odd, but she's very clearly well intentioned and a kind person. It sucks extra hard, then, that she gets sucked into this absolute mess of a party - as people around her are on intense trips of coke, ketamine, marijuana and whatever else they could get their hands on. Speaking of that, how can we not address how fucking insane everybody looks after drinking the energy drink and the mutations beginning to change them?! The film addresses the fact that they are not zombies - they're not brain dead flesh eaters, they are simply on seriously intense drug trips. The film makes some of the people - especially the ones on coke - look as if they are total zombies, but they look totally sick. Many of the ravers eyes go black, the veins in their face becoming very pronounced and dark. They look absolutely sinister and make for a really amazing, unique villain in the film; added bonus points for some awesome creativity. Overall, I think the film was fantastically written with enough twists and turns in its journey to keep you engaged the whole time. After the first half hour passed, I was kinda wondering how the film filled another hour - really hoping it wouldn't be some forced filler that otherwise kills the intense first thirty minutes - but I'm stoked to say the hype continues straight until the end of the film, and there is more than enough blood shed to appease horror fans. I think this would be a great film choice for someone who doesn't want jumpscares or a serious dark overtoned movie; Ravers is perfect if you just want something fun, unique and action packed. If you're especially a fan of zombie films, check this one out - they may not be zombies, but these ravers will give you a run for your money!! Check it out!!