Ten Minutes to Midnight

Take whatever preconceived ideas you have about vampire films and throw them right out the fucking window. TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT - the brand new film by Erik Bloomquist - takes the basis for the entire genre and completely revamps it into this crazy, out-of-control and beautifully chaotic masterpiece of modern day horror. And to take it one step further, he's enlisted the help of the legendary Caroline Williams (of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) to play the leading role of Amy Marlowe, a late-night radio host that is forced into retirement and has one hell of a final broadcast. The film only runs about an hour and fifteen minutes, but what the film manages to encompass in such a short time is seriously awesome. I promise you, whatever it is you think you're going to get going into Ten Minutewhat the ! And you knoweirder and more sinister than the last. This film definitely feels you'll either love it or hate it kind of deal - there is no inbetween, but if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself quickly addicted to the killer performance of Williams, the character she portrays, and the sheer terror that is sneakily blended into the sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious, always-weird film. I think Ten Minutes to Midnight is one of the more creative and outgoing films I've seen in awhile, that clearly doesn't mind pushing the envelope just a little more than most. If you're renting anything this weekend, make sure its this.

The film follows radio host Amy Marlowe (whose show is appropriately named Ten Minutes to Midnight as it begins at 11:50PM) as she walks into work one night, not knowing that it would be her final night at the station after thirty years. The night already starts off just a little weird as she's bit by a flying creature prior to getting to work, but she just kinda cleans it up and ignores it as she's got bigger things on her mind: her forced retirement and the young hoochie who her boss Robert (William Youmans) is ready to make her replacement. Amy is understandably upset, but what follows in the hours that follow her final broadcast are unspeakable, unexplainable and unworldly. Amy's life begins to spin out of control as she feels like she's seeing things that aren't there, she's having flashbacks to her younger years at the radio station and she's raging at callers and her coworkers. Things really hit the fan as Amy begins tripping out, not knowing if she's awake, asleep, dead, alive, whatever. Her transition into a vampire is unlike anything you've seen before in Dracula or Interview With The Vampire and it clearly takes its toll on her mental health. The station staff are in lockdown in the office - will anyone survive the final broadcast of Ten Minutes to Midnight?!

Like I said before, this movie is flat out weird and I cannot get enough of it. It feels like every scene turns up the dial on the chaos and unpredictability and for that reason alone, this film will pull you in as tight as it possibly can and not release you until the credits roll. It's part gore, part horror comedy, part vampire film all neatly packaged into this bombshell of a flick. I'll be the first one to admit it, however - the film gets so all over the place that sometimes you don't know what the hell is going on, if what you're watching is even really happening, or how it all even ties in together. Honestly, after the credits rolled it took me a solid fifteen minutes to fully process the whole hour and fifteen minutes I just watched and to piece all of the scenes together to figure out what the fuck just happened! And you know what, it was awesome. Bloomquist managed to cleverly incorporate so many fantastic elements of horror into the film that the film feels fun and cheesy one minute and then serious and dark the next; it will really put a nice little twist on your viewing experience as you, too, try to figure out what's going on and where in the hell it's going! Besides an amazingly written film, Ten Minutes to Midnight packs that seriously killer soundtrack, an absolute blast of a cast, some fangtastic scares - and it's all beautifully shot. I cannot recommend this movie enough as it's instantly become a must-have for the collection! Check it out!!!