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San Francisco's ANDY SCIAZKO has been really allowing his audience to step deeper and deeper into the darkest corners of his mind through his artwork. While some of his pieces are more pop culture-oriented, such as his Toy Story/Child's Play crossover or his fucking incredible cartoon series (Dexter's Lab, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo to name just a few), others are way more nightmare inducing than most adults would like to admit. And for those of us who crave and consume and simply cannot get enough of his creepy and unsettling imagery, Sciazko came back hard with another breathtaking collection of select visual experiences entitled THE CALIBRATION of OLD WOUNDS. Touted as a fifty page ode to letting go, the latest offering from Sciazko is packed from cover to cover with some very vastly different pieces. I call them visual experiences because, as readers of Andy's previous works know, his physical paperbacks are not limited to just drawings; but poems, stories, words on paper to accompany a piece, or not. The creativity flows heavily out of Sciazko's mind as these new drawings come to life with their deep, deep blacks and ashy accents that are just so fucking satisfying that even things like cracked glasses or street lamps with just a haze of where two passersby once stood can feel so unsettling and intimate. THE CALIBRATION of OLD WOUNDS is an essential collection to own not just for fans of Sciazko and his previous works, but for fans of dark surrealism and lovers of dark artwork. Some of my favorite pieces by the artist reside permanently in this collection - my most beloved being declinism - and earlier this week, first edition copies of the book went on sale on Andy's Etsy shop. But if you've been following along closely to his Instagram... you would have discovered the mysterious offering of The Calibration of Old Wound early through the series of puzzles and cyphers Sciazko put together and launched at which led explorers down a rabbit hole of mindfucky art, webpage, and games to work out... all of which led you to the prize. We took on the challenge and, with a little help, we managed to dig our way out and discover the secrets hidden by the artist, and it was absolutely fucking brilliant (the cyphers are still online if you'd like to give it a shot). Luckily for you, though, the merchandise has officially hit his Etsy shop and is available now for purchase, so head on over and grab yourself a copy and a t-shirt, or even better, the deluxe edition which has some truly magnificent contents inside.

Click here to visit Andy Sciazko on Etsy!

Andy Sciazko has been a loyal supporter of Soulless Cult since year one of this project, and way back then (2017!) we did a totally awesome interview and giveaway together. Andy has been fucking awesome enough to supply us with a copy of THE CALIBRATION of OLD WOUNDS to give away to one lucky winner, along with some stickers and some prizes from us, to celebrate the release of the new book! To enter yourself in the giveaway, all you have to do is head on over to our Instagram account @SoullessCult and like, comment and tag a friend in the giveaway post - oh, and make sure you're following both our account and his @AndySciazkoArt! The giveaway is open to all US citizens and all expenses for postage will be paid for by Soulless Cult. Contest ends 6/28/21! Special thanks to Andy for hooking us up and for the undying support over the years.


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