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The Girl In Cabin 13

Social media has done a lot of good for our society over the years, but let's not lie to ourselves and pretend it's not without its flaws and problems. Issues like cyberstalking and scams have grown immensely in the last decade alone, and social media has managed to accelerate that growth and make it easier for people to find information about others that otherwise wouldn't have been so easy to get. So when the beautiful social media influencer in THE GIRL IN CABIN 13 gets creeped out one night in her home - thinking that it was just some neighborhood kids playing pranks on her and her boyfriend - they decide to take a weekend getaway to a cabin in the middle of the woods to escape both social media and the real world for a few days... or so they think. Written by Brendan Rudnicki and Kellan Rudnicki and directed by the former Rudnicki, The Girl in Cabin 13 almost feels like a cautionary tale of what could happen to social media stars if they aren't careful about leaking their personal information - including their location - to the internet for the whole world to see. It's a very to-the-point, straight forward little haunting in the woods style horror flick with no real unnecessary frills or junk to bog it down; just a young couple out in the woods being stalked by a trio if masked weirdos who don't make a peep. Although the movie feels like it's probably a forgettable one after watching it, it's very far from the worst we've seen to come out this year and is actually not that awful of a watch. It's cheesy, silly, and there's definitely a lot of dumb decisions made by the couple, but I kinda enjoyed watching the girl in the film being chased around by the lunatics in (pretty cool) masks. If you can get past the pretty lame acting, tacky lines and clear plot holes, The Girl in Cabin 13 makes for a decent in-the-background flick while you handle some work or whatever; you definitely don't need to be staring deep into the screen to catch the gist of what the film has to offer.

Sunny (Chlor Rhoades) is a social media influencer who lives with her boyfriend Brad (Stuart Maxheimer), and one night as they are getting ready for bed, they start getting knocks on the door late at night and Sunny thinks she sees someone outside the window. Before long, their door is found open and the alarm's going off, and a cop shows up only to tell the couple it's probably nothing to worry about. On his suggestion, the couple rent a cabin in the woods for the weekend to disconnect and do some hiking. Except once they get out there, Brad has an encounter with a masked man out in the woods which he decides not to tell his girlfriend about (a terrible and unlikely decision, by the way). Later that night as they begin to wind down... another series of knocks at the door reveal three masked strangers standing outside, silently taunting the couple through the window. Reassured by the handyman Joe (Reggie Johnson) that the property is like a doomsday fortress, the couple freak out yet try to remain calm hoping the trio of nutjobs outside will go away on their own, since there's no service or reception to get the cops to the property. Surprise surprise, they don't leave and the young couple are in for a night from hell as they try to survive and outrun the masked men who are there for one thing: the girl. Will they survive the night and escape the stalkers outside the door?! Find out in... THE GIRL IN CABIN 13!

There's definitely some holes in the film that shouldn't have been as overlooked as they were, and there's definitely a lot of silliness in the flick that I'm not entirely sure is meant to be silly, but whatever. For a movie that feels like a college film class presentation or something my friends would make for fun on the weekend, it's got just enough to it that it's really not a dreadfully bad film. I can definitely see many audiences being turned off by the movie for it's pretty bad acting and the cheesiness of the script, but honestly the film looks fucking awesome and it has it's moments where it doesn't feel so cheap. I know we just recently reviewed Hurt and said it feels like a clone of The Strangers, well the same goes for The Girl in Cabin 13 - even down to the masked villains. This film is your standard home invasion horror with a social media twist thrown in and a whole lot of lo-fi film making to it. In all honesty, Sunny and Brad's relationship feels very unauthentic and sometimes even uncomfortable, and Brad's macho wanna-be lines can be kinda laughable. But if you get past all of that, the last half hour or so of the movie where the real victims vs villains action goes down isn't really all that dreadful. If viewers were just shown the second half of the film as a short, I don't really think audiences would be too critical of the cheese, as it feels like that's really played up in the first half of the movie, but who knows. As far as the ending its self goes, it's neither good nor bad, it's just satisfactory in my opinion. It ends the story while also leaving some open ends, and I can see from both sides how this could either enrage viewers or satisfy them. I didn't really find myself on either side of the line when it comes to the ending, my reaction was more or a less a simple "huh."

Like I said earlier, this movie has perfectly fine for background noise when you're making playing a game on your phone or reading a Soulless Cult review, since you don't really need to have your eyes glued on the screen to pretty much get it. And if you're not turned off by low budget cheesefests, you might actually dig the second half of the film (although you probably still won't like Brad). At the end of the day, however, The Girl in Cabin 13 is most definitely a movie you save for when it's included in one of your subscription services - I wouldn't suggest shelling out the $4 we did to check this one out. Maybe just save this one for a rainy day when you need something on in the background.


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