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bobby cvlt

For as long as I can remember, I've always been obsessed with death. Not necessarily my own death, but just dying in general; when I was old enough to fully comprehend that all living things meet the exact same demise (albeit through different means), I became obsessed with the thought. It was everywhere around me: the death metal music I was listening to, the horror movies I was watching, and even a lot of the artists I was discovering all shared the theme of death. It was almost like I couldn't escape the Grim Reaper in my own life, so at some point I just started to embrace it before it became a full on obsession. Fast forward to the present, and my life is still death, dying, and the dead. Soulless has become both my creative outlet and my way to, in a small way, share in my obsession with the one true end.

Outside of Soulless Cult, I'm just a dude in his mid-twenties from Long Island, NY who lives with his two best friends: my girlfriend and her dog. I'm up all night and sleep all day, and my time working on Soulless is usually spent as the sun is just beginning to rise. I go to a lot of metal shows in the NYC/LI area and I watch a lot of Forensic Files.

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